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Who can apply and for what?

Beneficiaries: small and medium-sized towns, qualified by the Strategy for responsible development (SOR), which joined the ranks of 255 towns with most difficult socio-economic situation employees of public city administration and the dependent administrative units.

List of 255 small and medium-sized towns (PDF 105 KB)

Types of projects

In the frame of the Programme, town–applicants may apply for support for complex developmental projects (infrastructural and soft ones), including actions to strengthen/ improve efficiency of local administration.

Funding in amount from EUR 3 to 10 million will be spent on approximately 15 complex projects taking into account the following: 

  • environmental issues such as: improvement of air quality through reduction of greenhouse gas and dust emissions, conversion from traditional to renewable energy sources, low-/zero-emission public transport, etc. 
  • public issues such as: effective housing policy especially taking into consideration marginalized city areas, reduction of unemployment and poverty level,  implementation of accessibility standards according to the Programme Accessibility Plus 2018 - 2025;limitation of  economic migration from small and medium size cities to large urban centres, tackling the challenges of aging population 
  • economic issues such as for instance: support for entrepreneurship and local economy,  strengthening local labour market, especially from the perspective of people entering/during adaptation to labour market. 

Project may be implemented both in cross-sectoral and cross- self-government partnership (national and foreign – with entities from Donor States).

Approximately 35 applicants, which are not chosen for financial support at the 2nd stage of the enrollment, will have a possibility to apply for financing actions aimed at improvement of accessibility standards in their cities, according to the assumptions of the Accessibility Plus Programme.

Value of projects

The maximum value of each project amunts to PLN 100 000.