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Implementation status

The Programme nas been launched

Aim of the programme

Social and economic development strengthened through cultural cooperation, cultural entrepreneurship and cultural heritage management

Programme funding

75 000 000 €

Programme cofinancing

13 235 294 €

Source of programme financing

the EEA Grants, national budget

Programme Operator

the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Donor programme partner(s)    

  • the Arts Council Norway (ACN)        
  • the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RA)

Programme area

Cultural Entrepreneurship, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Cooperation

Special concerns

The programme shall focus on the role that culture and cultural heritage play in local and regional development including emphasis on employment, cultural entrepreneurship and vocational training. No more than 60% of the total eligible expenditure of the programme shall be available for infrastructure (hard measures).  At least 14% of the total eligible expenditure shall be set aside for cultural cooperation and exchange between the Donor States and Poland. The Programme shall include activities and initiatives in arts and culture that explicitly encourage the inclusion of ethnic and national minorities. 

Pre-defined projects

Name of the project

The Jewish Cultural Heritage


Activities in the area of Jewish  cultural heritage and bilateral cooperation related to Jewish Cultural Heritage.  

Beneficiary: the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. 

Donor project partner(s): the Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities (Oslo), the Jewish Museum (Oslo), the Jewish Museum (Trondheim), the Falstad Centre and Wergeland Centre.

Maximum amount of support: 10 000 000 €