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Implementation status

Programme during preparation

Aim of the programme

Strengthened rule of law

Programme funding

70 000 000 €

Programme cofinancing

12 352 941 €

Source of programme financing

The Norway Grants, the national budget

Programme Operator

The Ministry of Justice

Donor programme partner(s)

  • the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security
  • the Norwegian Courts Administration (DA)
  • the Directorate of  Norwegian Correctional Service (KDI)

Programme area

  • Correctional Services and Pre-trial Detention
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Judicial System, Strengthening Rule of Law
  • Domestic and Gender-based Violence

Special concerns

The programme will focus under the programme area ‘Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Judicial System, Strengthening rule of law’ on:

  1. European judicial culture, aimed at implementing European standard on Effectiveness, Efficiency, Independency and Quality
  2. Child friendly justice, and
  3. Efficient justice chain. Cooperation with the National Council of the Judiciary shall be explored under program area ’Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Judicial System, Strengthening Rule of Law’. 

The programme will strengthen the implementation of agreements on the transfer of sentenced persons and EU framework decisions.  Under the programme area ‘Domestic and Gender-based Violence’ a pre-defined project shall be identified in the concept note. The pre-defined project shall focus on implementation of relevant international conventions, agreements and standards. There is an ambition to have no more than 60% of the total eligible expenditure of the programme available for infrastructure (hard measures).

Pre-defined projects

Name of project: Improved correctional services

Description: Establishment up to 5 pilot correctional complexes, each of them consisting of a pilot prison, production hall and a half way house for the rehabilitation of inmates. The objective will be achieved through training of staff, work experience and implementation of reintegration programmes and inter-institutional co-operation i.e. focusing on alternative measures to prison. 

Beneficiary: The Central Board of the Prison Service

Donor programme partner(s): The Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service (KDI)

Maximum amount of support: 56 470 588 €