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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the Norway and EEA Grants?

  • Which countries are the beneficiaries of Norway Grants and EEA Grants?

  • What is the allocation for Poland?

  • What are the Donor States?

  • What is the difference between Norway Grants and EEA Grants?

  • What is the European Economic Area?

  • For which years Norway and EEA Grants are granted?

  • What is Financial Mechanism Office?

  • What is National Focal Point?

  • What are the programs under the EEA and Norway Grants?

  • In which areas one can apply?

  • Who can apply for Norway and EEA Grants?

  • What is the Operator of the program?

  • What is partner at the programme level?

  • Does the project have to be implemented in partnership with entities from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway?

  • Who announces a call for proposals?

  • Where can I submit an application for funding?

  • How long does the call for proposals last?

  • Who evaluates Grant applications?

  • What is the selection procedure?

  • Is application evaluated by the Donor States?

  • What is the Selection Committee?

  • What is the deadline for project completion?

  • What is the Grant amount?

  • What is the level of funding?

  • What are the pre-defined projects?