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Find a partner from donor states

Do all projects have to be implemented in cooperation with (a) partner(s) from the donor state(s)?

Information on the obligation or no obligation to implement projects by Polish beneficiaries in cooperation with a partner/-s from the donor state: Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein (PDF 250 KB)

Recommended links and presentations

Where you can search for partners from Donor States:

  • By using the search engine

  • In online business databases:,,
  • In the Innovation Norway database - under the link Find a partner you can create the profile

  • In The Explorer portal

  • On the Research Council of Norway website, a Norwegian partner in the Research programme, where the information can be found on how to find a partner to cooperate under research projects funded from the EEA and Norway Grants. Current partner database in the form of a file can also be found there.

  • On the website of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, i.e. the Operator of the Education Programme:;
    Presentation on partnerships by the Diku Norway – Education Programme (September 5, 2018)

  • Partners of the Culture Programme: Action 2: Improving access to culture and art, who can help in finding partners in Donor States:

    Thea Breivik – Art Council Norway/Kulturrådet, Postboks 4808, Nydalen, 0422 971527412, Norway; phone: +47 21045895; e-mail:; website:
    Rannveig Solumsmoen Gimse – Art Council Norway/Kulturrådet Postboks 4808 Nydalen, 0422 971527412, Norway; phone: +47 21045911; e-mail:; website:

    Ragnhildur Zoëga – Senior Adviser; The Icelandic Centre for Research, Borgatúrn 30, IS-150 Reykjavík, Iceland; phone: +354 515 5838; e-mail:

    Arno Oehri – EEA-grants coordinator in the area of culture; phone: +423 373 67 12; e-mail:, website:
  • Information of the Ministry of Climate on the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Programme: How to establish a partnership with institutions from the donor states? The information includes, among others, a list of foreign institutions from donor states interested in starting cooperation with Polish entities. These lists contain contact details for each institution and an indication of the programme area and specialization of a given unit. In addition, you can find there a Partnership Handbook for projects financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 on the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Programme.


Partnership guide

Partnership Agreement Template