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Bilateral Relations with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Implementation status

The Fund for Bilateral Relations has been launched.

Aim of the programme

Strengthening bilateral cooperation and mutual knowledge between the Donor and Beneficiary States

Programme funding

16 186 000 €

Programme cofinancing

not applicable

Source of programme financingthe

EEA and Norway Grants

Institution responsible for implementation

Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy

Special concerns

Part of the resources of the Fund was made available to the Programme Operators in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding. Additional resources may be transferred to the Programme Operators according to decision of the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds. The other part of the resources is managed by the National Contact Point. Initiatives financed from the Bilateral Fund provide a platform for closer  relations, inter alia political, cultural, business or academic ones with the Donor States.