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Programme name


Programme objective

Reducing social inequalities in health through the implementation of activities related to telemedicine and e-health policy, a healthy lifestyle for children and youth, and the baseline model of mental care

Programme Area

  • Telemedicine and e-health policy (pre-defined project no. 1)
  • Healthy lifestyle for children and youth, including mental care (pre-defined project no. 2)

Programme budget

EUR 23.5 million, including:

  • EUR 20 million from the Norway Grants
  • EUR 3.5 million – national contribution

Programme Operator

Ministry of Health (MZ)

Donor Programme Partners*

Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs / Helsedirektoratet

*The only Donor State of the Norway Grants – financing the Programme – is Norway.

Eligible Beneficiaries

In the call for activities implemented in the pre-defined project no. 1:

  • transregional hospitals defined as medical entities established by the minister or central government administration body
  • public medical universities dealing with didactic and research activities in the field of medical sciences
  • research institutes dealing with research and development in the field of medical sciences, which are part of the healthcare system

In the call for activities implemented in the pre-defined project no. 2:

  • target group of training and information activities: children, youth, parents, carers in nurseries and kindergartens, sport trainers

Project funding

Grant amount (projects in the call for proposals)

The value of project funding in the call for proposals ranges from EUR 200,000 to 675,000 - activities in the field of testing telemedicine solutions in practice will be funded and in the field of e-health in selected branches of medicine, e.g. cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, palliative care, chronic diseases

Project funding level


Partnership at the project level with institutions from Norway

It is not required, however, additional points are awarded for submitting the project in partnership with entities from the Donor-State.

Method of selecting projects 

I.  Calls for proposals

Subjects of the calls

  • testing selected solutions developed in a pre-defined project
  • testing solutions of pilot models (telemedicine, e-health) developed as part of a predefined telemedicine project along with conducting preventive actions directed at the inhabitants of regions.

Schedule of calls for proposals under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021

Detailed information about calls for proposals under the Programme

II. Pre-defined projects

As part of the Programme, two pre-defined projects are financed in the field of:

1. A healthy lifestyle for children and youth

2. Limiting social inequalities in health through the use of telemedicine and e-health solutions

Ad 1

Project title:  Lifestyle

Project description:  The project will consist of the development and implementation of a training programme in the field of shaping healthy habits in kindergartens and nurseries. In addition, a key action will be to conduct a nationwide campaign aimed at combating tobacco abuse. The project will include training for school employees, parents and carers about the mental health problems of young people.

Project promoter:  Ministry of Health, Investment Assessment Department

Donor project partner:  Norwegian Cancer Society, Trondelag region

Grant amount:  EUR 5 million

Ad 2

Project title:  Reducing social inequalities in health through the use of telemedicine and e-health solutions

Project description:  The project involves the development of telemedicine procedures models by Polish and Norwegian experts in the areas of cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, diabetes, palliative care and chronic diseases. The developed solutions will be tested as part of piloting in selected facilities throughout the country, which will be selected in the competition procedure.

Project promoter:  Ministry of Health

Donor project partner:  Norwegian Center for E-health Research in Tromsø

Grant amount:  EUR 5.8 million

More information

Programme at an early stage of implementation. For more information please contact the Programme Operator.


Signing the agreement on the “Health” Programme during the conference launching the 3rd edition of the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 in Poland (September 12, 2019):