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Programme name

Home Affairs

Programme objective

Strengthened rule of law

Programme Area

  • Asylum and Migration
  • International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime
  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness

Programme budget

EUR 23.5 million, including:

  • EUR 20 million from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism
  • EUR 3.5 million – national contribution

Programme Operator

Ministry of Interior and Administration in cooperation with the European Projects Implementation Centre

Donor Programme Partners*

* The only Donor State of the Norway Grants – financing the Programme – is Norway.

Eligible Beneficiaries

  • public bodies, i.e. institutions representing the public finance sector (in accordance with the Act on public finance, Polish Journal of Laws of 2019, item 869)
  • NGOs established as legal entities in Poland, operating in the Programme areas indicated in the calls for proposals
  • international organizations or their bodies or agencies operating in the field indicated in the call for proposals

Project funding

Grant amount

from EUR 200,000 to EUR 1.5 million – for calls for:

  • international police cooperation and combating crime
  • asylum and migration

Project funding level

from 90% to 100% of eligible costs, depending on the type of applicant

Partnership at the project level with institutions from Norway

It is not required, however, additional points are awarded for submitting the project in partnership with entities from the Donor-State.

Method of selecting projects 

I.  Calls for proposals

Subjects of the calls

1.  International police cooperation and combating crime

The call aims to strengthen cooperation between law enforcement services, including prevention and detection of organized crime by providing law enforcement officers with access to new technologies and appropriate training, as well as strengthening cooperation between national and international law enforcement authorities, such as Eurojust, Europol, Interpol and Frontex.

2.  Asylum and migration

The call aims to ensure the functioning of national asylum management systems and migration, and ensuring the right to seek asylum, including through:

  • support for national asylum and migration management systems, including voluntary returns
  • services supporting asylum-seekers in the exercise of their fundamental rights (psychological and legal assistance, providing comprehensive information to migrants and asylum seekers)
  • activities in the area of ​​voluntary returns, including in particular training, workshops for officers and staff members who have direct contact with migrants
  • assistance to unaccompanied minors and other groups with special needs

Schedule of calls for proposals under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021

Detailed information on calls for proposals under the Programme

II.  Pre-defined projects

In the frame of the Programme, six pre-defined projects are financed in the field of:

1.  Improving the safety of children in centers for foreigners, as well as reducing the phenomenon of violence against children on the part of their parents

2.  Improving the process of collecting, analyzing and evaluating evidence in the area of fight against cross-border cybercrime

3.  Police and non-police international cooperation in the search for the most dangerous criminals in Europe

4.  Documents – safety and control

5.  Strengthening EU border protection

6.  Strengthening the security in the field of CBRNE  (chemical, biological, radiological,  nuclear and explosives)

Ad 1

Project title:  Protect minors, including unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, from abuse

Project description:  Improving the safety of children in centers for foreigners, as well as reducing violence against children committed by their parents, peers and employees of centers, institutions cooperating and being in contact with minors, including through training and workshops

Project promoter:  Office for Foreigners

Donor project partners:  not applicable

Polish project partners:  Empowering Children Foundation, Border Guard

Grant amount:  EUR 461,000

Ad 2

Project title:  Improving the process of gathering, analyses and estimation of evidence in the the area of fight against cross-border cybercrime with use of IT labs network of the Polish Police

Project description:  Improving the specialist knowledge in fields covered by the project and purchase of specialized equipment (for Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police)

Project promoter:  National Police Headquarters

Donor project partners:  Norwegian Police University College

Grant amount:  EUR 4.4 million

Ad 3

Project title:  Police and non-police international cooperation in the search for the most dangerous criminals in Europe

Project description:  Improvement of qualifications of the police officers responsible for searching the most dangerous fugitives

Project promoter:  National Police Headquarters

Donor project partners:  Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS)

Grant amount:  EUR 262,000

Ad 4

Project title:  Documents – safety and control, including tactical ID control

Project description:  Increasing the qualifications of police officers and employees of the Polish Security Printing Works – through training in the field of ID control

Project promoter:  Warsaw Metropolitan Police

Donor project partners:  Norwegian ID Center (NID)

Polish project partners:  National Police Headquarters, Polish Security Printing Works

Grant amount:  EUR 776,000

Ad 5

Project title:  Strengthening the protection of the EU borders through the development of cynological training activities, infrastructure expansion, redevelopment and upgradingof the Border Guard (in Lubań)

Project description:  Combating drug crime and terrorism by improving the work of service dogs

Project promoter:  Border Guard Centre for Specialized Training

Donor project partners:  not applicable

Foreign project partners:  State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in Velyki Mosty (Ukraine), State Border Guard Service of the Republic of Lithuania

Grant amount:  EUR 535,000

Ad 6

Project title:  The Process of Coordination and Standardisation in the field of CBRNE as an Element of Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Project description:  Improving the security of the state and its citizens by preventing and combating chemical, radiological, biological, nuclear and explosive threats in Poland

Project promoter:  Internal Security Agency

Donor project partners:  Norwegian Military Research and Crisis Planning Institute (DSB), Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection

Polish project partners:

  • Main School of Fire Service
  • Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry
  • Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology
  • Government Security Center
  • Military University of Technology
  • Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • National Headquarters of the State Fire Service
  • Counter-terrorist Operations Office of the National Police Headquarters
  • Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police – Poland
  • Epidemiological Response Center of the Polish Armed Forces
  • Ministry of Health – Poland
  • Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • National Atomic Energy Agency
  • University of Łódź
  • Jagiellonian University Medical College

Grant amount:  EUR 7.25 million

More information


1.  Signing the agreement on the “Home Affairs” Programme during the conference inaugurating the 3rd edition of the EEA and Norway Grants in Poland (September 12, 2019):

2.  Conference launching the “Home Affairs” Programme (September 18, 2019):