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Programme name


Programme objective

Improving the results of Polish scientific research, both basic and applied, as tools for the development of knowledge-based society and economy

Programme Area

  • Basic research
  • Applied research

Programme budget

EUR 129.4 million, including:

  • EUR 100 million from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism
  • EUR 10 million from the EEA Financial Mechanism
  • EUR 19.4 million – national contribution

As part of this:

  • Basic research – EUR 51.76 million
  • Applied research – EUR 77.64 million

Programme Operator

  • National Science Centre (NCN) – support for Basic research
  • National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) – support for Applied research

Donor Programme Partners*

*Donor States of the EEA and Norway Grants: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein

Eligible Beneficiaries

  • universities
  • scientific institutes
  • research institutes
  • entrepreneurs
  • researchers via research organizations

Project funding

Grant amount

1.  Basic research

  • from EUR 0.5 to 1.5 million for the GRIEG call – Polish-Norwegian research projects
  • from EUR 0.5 to 1.5 million for the IdeaLab call – interdisciplinary, ground-breaking research projects
  • from EUR 100,000 to 200,000 for the POLS call – research projects carried out by scientists coming from abroad in Polish research organizations or enterprises

2.  Applied research

  • from EUR 0.5 to 1.5 million – for the POLNOR 2019 call
  • from EUR 0.5 to 5 million – for the POLNOR CCS 2019 call
  • from EUR 0.5 to 6.6 million – for the Idealab call – interdisciplinary, ground-breaking research projects

Project funding level

  • up to 100%

Partnership at the project level with institutions from the Donor States

It is required.

Method of selecting projects 

I.  Calls for proposals

Subjects of the calls

1.  Basic research

1)  GRIEG – Polish-Norwegian research projects: a call for research projects implemented jointly by Polish-Norwegian research teams, covers all fields of science (NCN discipline panels), with emphasis on polar research and social sciences research.

2)  IdeaLab – interdisciplinary, ground-breaking research projects: the subject of the call concerns the challenges arising from complex processes that are taking place in our time, such as: globalization, technological changes, climate and environmental changes, demographic changes, significant migration waves, lack of geopolitical stability and many others creating uncertainty (which entails threats, and in some cases opportunities) that European societies have to face.

3)  POLS – research projects implemented by scientists from abroad in Polish research organizations or enterprises: a call supporting mobility, implemented in the form of small grants for scientists from abroad (from around the world) who want to conduct their research in Poland. Arrival of both recognized and promising scientists with at least a doctoral degree will contribute to strengthening the scientific potential of Polish research units.

2.  Applied research

1)  POLNOR 2019

Joint Polish-Norwegian research projects in the following areas:

  • health and social care
  • industry and information technologies
  • energy, transport and climate
  • food and natural resources
  • social and economic development
  • autonomous vehicles

2)  POLNOR CCS 2019

Joint Polish-Norwegian research projects in the field of carbon capture and storage, including:

  • full value chain analysis
  • social sciences related to the implementation of CCS (carbon capture and storage)
  • pilot CO2 storage installations
  • new knowledge facilitating large-scale CO2 storage
  • development of CO2 capture solutions integrated with energy and industrial processes

3)  Idealab – ground-breaking, interdisciplinary research projects

The subject of the call are "Cities for the future: services and solutions"; an innovative way of generating research projects combined with real-time reviews. A key element of this method are interactive and intensive workshops with participation of experts from various disciplines and environments, as well as a team of external experts (mentors and director) and stakeholders, organized to introduce new approaches to research challenges on a given topic.

Schedule of calls for proposals under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021

Current schedule

Detailed information about the call for proposals under the Programme

National Science Centre

National Centre for Research and Development:

II.  Pre-defined projects

Not applicable

More information


1. Signing the agreement on the "Research" Programme (June 7, 2019):

2. Conference launching the "Research" Programme (September 23, 2019):