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Information on the selection of the Complete Project Proposals for co-financing under the LOCAL DEVELOPMENT Programme

In accordance with the provisions of point 11.2 of the Rules for the call and selection of projects under the Local Development Programme, the Project Selection Committee, based on the recommendations of evaluating experts, decided to select 29 Complete Project Proposals for funding (the ranking list is below).The Project Selection Committee in cooperation with the Operator and the Donors decided to extend the list of co-financed projects to all Complete Project Proposals that met the requirement of obtaining 60% points in the content – related evaluation (both for Local Development Plan and Action Plan).

This decision was dictated primarily by the need to support a wider, than initially assumed, group of cities that found themselves in a difficult socio-economic situation due to the Covid19 pandemic. Expanding the list of cities that will receive funding will increase the impact of the Programme and the range of cities that will be able to finance the development impulse to enter a new development path.

The Programme Operator then formally approved the ranking list of 29 co-financed projects. By fulfilling the provisions of the above-mentioned the Rules, all Applicants whose Complete Project Proposals were subject to content-related evaluation will receive written information about the completion of the evaluation and its result. This information is final and cannot be appealed against.
In addition, each of the above-mentioned Applicant will receive by e-mail (to the address provided in the application form) 3 anonymized content-related evaluation cards, completed by the experts who assessed the given project.

We would like to thank all the Applicants for their participation in the call and for the effort put into preparing the Complete Project Proposals. Regardless of the final result of the call, each of the Applicant's cities participated in a multi-month preparatory period, which resulted in the preparation of comprehensive development plans. We hope that these documents will be an effective tool for all 53 cities participating in the second stage of Programme to set new development paths.

Congratulations to 29 cities whose projects have been selected for funding.

We would like to kindly inform you that the experts of the Association of Polish Cities with whom you have cooperated so far will continue to provide substantive support to cities in the implementation of planned activities, in particular in the period of preparation for signing contracts for project implementation.

Ranking list of Complete Project Proposals (PDF 55 KB)