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Norway Grants to prevent violence and support the prison service

Yesterday (July 14, 2020) the Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak signed the agreement for the implementation of the “Justice” Programme, financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The Programme budget is EUR 68.5 million. These funds will contribute to improving the system of counteracting domestic violence, preventing violence against the elderly and disabled people, and supporting the prison service.

"Family violence against elder people or people with disabilities is a serious problem that is still not a marginal phenomenon. We will use Norway Grants from the “Justice” Programme to improve the system of preventing and combating all forms of violence. The money will help train staff and support the prison service, as well" – said Minister Jarosińska-Jedynak.

The total budget of the “Justice” Programme is EUR 68.5 million, of which EUR 58.2 million comes from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, and EUR 10.3 million is a national contribution. Within one project, you can apply for funding in the amount from EUR 5 to 400 thousand.

The most funds of the “Justice” Programme, as much as EUR 56.5 million, will be allocated to support the prison service. The money will help set up five pilot penitentiary complexes, each of which will consist of a prison, a production hall and semi-open prisoners' rehabilitation facilities. As part of the project, prison staff will be properly trained and reintegration and interinstitutional cooperation programmes will be implemented.

EUR 2 million from the “Justice” Programme will be allocated to improving the system of preventing domestic and gender violence. The aim of the project is to adopt and implement a nationwide effective, comprehensive and coordinated policy to prevent and counteract all forms of violence. Programme support in the amount of EUR 1.5 million will go to improve the system of preventing violence against the elderly and disabled people.

The Programme Operator is the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy is responsible for the coordination and implementation of Norway Grants in Poland. The ministry's task is to coordinate and supervise the implementation of Programmes in Poland by ministries and institutions acting as Programme Operators in their areas.