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Results of subsequent energy calls under the ”Environment, Energy and Climate Change” Programme

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has published the ranking lists for the next two calls for proposals in the area of Energy under the „Environment, Energy and Climate Change” Programme.

The assessment of applications for co-financing submitted in the calls for proposals under the „Environment, Energy and Climate Change” Programme, financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the state budget, has been completed:

  • ”Improved energy efficiency in school buildings”
  • ”Development of high-efficiency industrial and professional cogeneration”

The call for proposals ”Improved energy efficiency in school buildings” aroused great interest. 214 applications were submitted for the total amount of the requested co-financing in the amount of over PLN 870 million (approx. EUR 202 million) – the available allocation (PLN 86.31 million, i.e. EUR 20 million) was exceeded more than ten times.

The available funds allowed for inclusion on the basic list of 23 projects, in which the total amount of co-financing granted was over PLN 85.5 million (i.e. over EUR 19.8 million), and 141 projects were placed on the reserve list.

Out of 23 projects included in the basic list, nine were submitted in partnership with entities from Norway.

In the call for proposals ”Development of high-efficiency industrial and professional cogeneration” 49 applications were submitted for a total amount of co-financing of over PLN 598 million (over EUR 138.6 million). Also in this call, the application amount exceeded the available allocation (initially it was approximately PLN 172.6 million, i.e. EUR 40 million).

Ultimately, 37 projects received a positive substantive assessment. 11 of them were placed on the basic list and the rest on the reserve list. The funds available were not sufficient to fully finance four projects on the basic list, which obtained the same number of points (88). The points obtained in the criteria most closely matched with the objectives of the call did not allow for ordering the above-mentioned projects. In this situation, the Committee recommended and the Operator approved a proportional reduction in co-financing in the above-mentioned applications. As a result, the projects on the basic list fully exhaust the available funds (in 11 applications, the approved co-financing amounts to a total of approx. PLN 181.7 million, i.e. EUR 42.1 million).

More information about the results of the calls for proposals and decisions approving co-financing for thermo-modernization and cogeneration projects under the ”Environment, Energy and Climate Change” Programme are available on the website of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.