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Starachowice co-financed with the amount of PLN 15 million under the "Local Development" Programme

Starachowice is another city on the list of 29 winners in the "Local Development" Programme, which will receive PLN 15 million from the EEA and Norway Grants. Grzegorz Puda, the Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy has signed an agreement for co-financing the project, which will help the town to enter a faster development path.

"Funds from the "Local Development" Programme, together with national co-financing, are the driving force for  the development of small homelands", Minister Grzegorz Puda said and added: "We see what is unique and valuable in the regions. We support development projects that strengthen social and economic cohesion by improving the quality of the environment, developing entrepreneurship and increasing the effectiveness of public administration activities".

Direction Future - The Local Development Programme for Starachowice

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of life of residents through the implementation of comprehensive social, educational, environmental and economic programmes and projects, and to strengthen the institutional potential of the Leader and partner organizations. The scope of the undertaking activities will include the renovation and equipment of the EcoSchool, as well as the preparation of a concept of activities that will be used to implement future projects in the field of housing, environmental protection, education and institutional development.