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The final stage of the EUR 100 million race for local development has begun

The Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy – Operator of the Local Development Programme – informs that the second stage of the call under the Programme, i.e. the call for Complete Project Proposals (CPP), has been finished.

All 54 eligible cities submitted their applications on time.

Currently, detailed formal verification of submitted applications is underway, combined with possible supplements to the deficiencies identified, which are permitted by the call regulations.

In the next step, the CPPs that pass the formal assessment will be handed to experts who will carry out a substantive assessment.

Based on its results, a ranking list will be created indicating the cities for funding – i.e. a list of about 15 winners which, based on the prepared documents and the grant of up to PLN 40 million, will be able to re-program the development of their city.

More information about the Local Development Programme can be found here.