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Rules for reporting irregularities

The Good governance and anti-corruption policy has been developed in order to give a clear signal as to the donor states’ position regarding the issue of good governance.

The Good governance policy seeks to ensure that the implementation of the mechanisms is characterized by transparency and of openness. The purpose of this policy is to inform the public and enable them to alert complaints and reports of irregularities with regard to the Financial Mechanisms.

Members of the public who suspect mismanagement or corruption under the EEA and Norway Grants are encouraged to share their concerns with the FMO, Focal Point or other agent responsible for the management of the grant schemes. Please provide as detailed information as possible about the facts you are aware of.

Details on the complaints procedure are available in the Good governance and anti-corruption policy and guide: Good governance policy (PDF 59 KB)  

Alerts on irregularities may be submitted to any of the following agencies:

Polish Focal Point Ministry of Infrastructure and Development

Department for Aid Programmes
2/4 Wspólna Street
00- 926 Warsaw,

PolandSecretariat of the Department
Tel.:  0048 22 273 78 00
Fax  0048 22 273 89 13

Financial Mechanism Office 

- Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway's secretariat for the EEA and Norway Grants

Postal address:
Financial Mechanism Office
Rue Joseph II, 12-16
1000 Brussels, Belgium

FMO Director
Stine Andresen
Tel.: +32 495 530 098

Norwegian Office of the Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen)

- audit and control institution supervising the FMO and the Norway Grants 

Postal address: 
P.O. Box 8130 Dep 
0032 Oslo, Norway 
Tel.: +47 22 24 10 00 

EFTA Board of Auditors (EBoA)

- audit and control institution supervising the FMO and the EEA Grants 

Postal address:
Skulagata 57105
Reykjavik, Iceland

Ingi K. Magnusson 
Tel.: +354 562 4546