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DiverCITY2: City for all Conference

Ministry of Economic  Development in cooperation with the City of Wroclaw held a conference DiverCITY2: City for all,  devoted to the issue of revitalization.

The conference was addressed primarily to local governments, and is the culmination of the second edition of the project DiverCity,  started in 2015 by the Ministry of Regional Development, City of Wroclaw and the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS). Poland, Norway and Iceland were involved in its implementation, as it took place at the first edition of the project. Representatives of the cities of Fredrikstad, Reykjavik, Vesturbygdd and Łódź are partners in the project.


"Just like in the first time, the event in which we have the opportunity to participate is aimed to stimulate discussion on the quality of life in the city and directions for further urban development. This time we focused particularly on two aspects, which seemed to us important in organizing and conducting revitalization activities, namely: methods of involving citizens, local communities, private entities in efforts to improve the quality of the urban environment in revitalized areas and financing regeneration processes"- said Paweł Chorąży, Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

The axis of the DiverCity2 project is urban revitalization, and its main pillars are two topics: engaging private entities to finance the revitalization activities and improving the urban environment in revitalized areas. The aim of the project is to present the inclusion possibilities of private actors in the revitalization activities. The overriding question at this: how local governments, which initiate and coordinate the revitalization processes, can encourage and invite to cooperation urban residents, communities and housing cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and social economy entities, entrepreneurs operating on regeneration areas and private investors who plan new investments, including real estate development projects.


"We hope that, thanks to DiverCity discussion on urban development and revitalization will have wide, international character. The involvement of local government representatives and experts from Poland, Norway and Iceland will create an informal platform for cooperation, exchange of experience and good practices" - said Paweł Chorąży.

Publication - Methods to engage private stakeholders (PDF 13 MB)