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The „Education” Programme, with total budget 23,53 million euro (from which 20 million euro come from EEA Financial Mechanism and 3,53 million euro represent national contribution) is implemented by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, acting as Programme Operator in collaboration with Partners from Donor States: Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU), National Agency of International Education Affairs (AIBA) and Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS). The Programme is a continuation of the Scholarship and Training Programme (FSS), implemented with the support of programmes from two previous editions of EEA and Norway Grants.

Polish institutions acting in the area of education at all levels can claim for support under „Education” Programme.

The Programme contains 4 subject areas of interest:

  • professional development of employees from educational institutions;
  • mobility in higher education – for students and employees;
  • strengthening of quality and adequacy of vocational education and lifelong-learning;
  • strengthening of quality and adequacy of education at all levels (with exclusion of VET and lifelong-learning) through institutional cooperation.

The range of support differ in particular components, within the range of 2-30 thousand EUR in case of initiatives in the area of professional development of employees from educational institutions, 20-200 thousand EUR in case of the mobility in higher education component, and 35-250 thousand EUR in the two remaining components.

Expected activities, supported by the Programme, include in particular: study visits, sharing of experiences, assisting employee from foreign partner institution (so-called job shadowing), trainings for Polish employees provided by experts from Donor States, development and modernization of educational offer concerning vocational education and lifelong-learning as well as national strategies and policies concerning vocational education and lifelong-learning.

Financial support will be also available for bilateral actions (including preparatory visits for applicants submitting project proposals in response to the calls).

The organization of contact seminar is planned to make establishing partnerships easier for Polish institutions. 

The Operator plans to organize three calls for proposals for each of the four above mentioned components.